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Let's get open to open source solutions, Unix or Linux servers and Docker apps. | open source software

I choose Linux system!

Linux is amazingly functional operational system. Name “Linux” stands also for kernel. The greatest popularity Linux gained thanks to server applications, today also for desktop solutions, mainly due to open source license GNU GPL. One of the dynamically developing distributions is Linux Ubuntu. Linux is completely free software – this is why it can be fully legally used in companies and homes for various functionalities. The most popular are, for instance, www servers, e-mail servers or file servers. Linux is also perfect as DNS server or advanced firewall.

Why Git?

Git is version control system and also system for managing source code. It’s created on open source license GNU GPL. The Git’s author is Linus Torvalda – Linux’ creator. Git allows you to follow changes in files no matter if you work individually or in a team. The great power of Git is code versionising, splitting developmental branches and merging them. One of the most interesting projects for managing source code is GitLab. Have a look at GitLab server service at /services page.

Power of Docker!

Docker is open source application on Apache license. The license allows to use source code in open source software, as well as in non-open source software – unlike GNU GPL license. Docker allows you to put any program together with its’ dependents in light, mobile, virtual container, which speeds up implementation time and application testing. Docker enables true independence between applications, infrastructure, programmers and IT ops, in order to unlock their potential and create a model for better cooperation and innovation.