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About Us

The everchanging landscape of today’s IT infrastructure can yield many obstacles for many organizations. Being outpaced by new security threats, emerging technologies and increasing certifications can bring an IT organization to its knees. 3OS Technologies can be your support in these fast paced arenas enabling you to concentrate on your core business. Our Old School business practices offers our clients the comfort of doing business while our front edge expertise provides them with current technologies designed for the future. With over 50 years of combined telecom, cloud and cyber security experience, 3OS Technologies is the right choice for your future growth.

Providing industry leading solutions.

3OS Technologies is an Exclusive AT&T Solution Provider. Our many years of experience provides you with expert consultation for all your telecommunication requirements. As your one stop shop, we provide, recommend, install and support all products and services including hosted and premises based voice solutions, network and cloud services, network security, colocation hosting and mobility services.

Our Services

3os Tech can provide you with a number of services.

Wide Area Networks

With many years of experience supporting AT&T Services, we can custom design global networking solutions that will ensure your data communication needs are optimized while guaranteeing privacy, reliability and flexibility. Our experienced team can engineer a solution that brings together multiple delivery options and provide your enterprise a high quality, cost efficient network. With access to the latest technology, 3OS has the ability to design your network solutions that fit your specific needs. Our expertise can deliver many new and existing technologies including SD-WAN, MPLS, Ethernet Fiber, IP / VP, Broadband and Private Line.


Staying connected is critical to the success of your business. Speed, reliability, security and reach are key factors of importance when seeking a provider. With internet services, we can meet your IP access requirements around the world. 3OS will engineer a variety of internet access configurations and will design the best solution for your network with alternative access solutions that include wireless, cable and microwave connections to ensure consistent coverage as well as diversity where required.


Voice over IP will leverage the strength of your enterprise network by adding comprehensive voice services over your existing network infrastructure. This service allows you to replace your traditional voice connectivity with PSTN services delivered across an IP or MPLS connection. 3OS can custom-designed a solution to enhance your company’s network capabilities while increasing your corporate communications. You will recognize significant savings while maintaining high quality of service and enhancing capability and resiliency.

Hosted Voice

3OS has delivered many cloud-based voice solutions which allows organizations to eliminate the cost and headache of maintaining an on-premise PBX infrastructure by running your organization’s voice services through the cloud – either fully hosted, or through a hybrid blend of on-premises and hosted solutions. A hosted solutions makes the office virtual by sending calls almost anywhere, enabling employees to work without constraints and never missing a call. Hosted service options includes local, long distance and toll-free. PBX features include call transfer, music on hold, voice mail, unified messaging, company directory, receptionist, auto attendant, enhanced call routing and more.


Your data is only as reliable as the location in which it is housed. As a top provider of hosting solutions 3OS can provide colocation, managed and fully-managed cloud solutions. A hosting site can be critical to a business' ability to compete and succeed in today's information intensive environment. We recognize and deliver on our mission-critical role in all of our products and services. Our top priority is to provide high-quality, reliable hosting services with best in class customer service to all of our customers. With many locations globally we can offer many diverse paths to improve your reliability and performance, including Back-up and Disaster Recovery sites.

Cyber Security

What keeps your company up at night dealing with all the news on the latest Cyber Security issues? At 3OS we are experts in making sure your security needs are met. We can provide DDOS protection, Penetration Scanning and Testing, HIPPA and other Regulatory Audits, Firewall Protection and many other Security Solutions. We will work with you to make sure you have the best Security Solutions for the issues you have.


Having a mobile workforce is the key for business’s communications needs. At 3OS we can find the right Solution and Products for your needs. If you are an Apple or Android user we can be your Consultant of choice. If you have a Trucking Fleet and need solutions we can bring turn-key solutions to help with your needs. We can make sure your business has the most up to date Business Mobility Plans available today.

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Please send us an e-mail at contact@3ostech.com or call us at 732-784-3223 with any questions.

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